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This year for Giving Tuesday we’re making it all about teens. Being a teenager is hard, and losing everything you own while being in constant transition makes it even more difficult. YWCA Pierce County’s Holiday Gift Center allows parents to ‘shop’ for presents they know their kids would appreciate, and we want to make sure that all teens wants and needs are recognized. Today we hope to raise $500 for our teen section of the Holiday Gift Center – this money will be used to supplement areas of our teen gifts that need just a few more items to help teens feel hope and joy during a time when those feelings are often in short supply.

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Jodie Fortune
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Matching Gifts
You can double or even triple your gift to the YWCA with a matching gift from your employer. To find out if you are eligible, contact your employer’s personnel department. They will provide you with a form to complete and mail to the YWCA. We’ll take care of the rest. Please mail completed matching gift forms to:

Office of Fund Development
YWCA Pierce County
405 Broadway
Tacoma, WA 98402

Policy Statements

Privacy Statement: The YWCA Pierce County respects the wishes of our donors regarding use of their gifts, and the rights of donors for privacy and confidentiality. The YWCA Pierce County does not lend or otherwise distribute our donor lists without prior approval of the Board of Directors, except as required by law.

Pledge Cancellation Policy: Non-profit accounting rules require the YWCA to count pledges in their entirety at the time at which the donor makes the promise/pledge to the YWCA. Therefore, a donor’s inability to fulfill a pledge does create a hardship on the organization. Nevertheless, donors may choose to withdraw the unpaid portion of a pledge at any time.

The YWCA Pierce County is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our federal tax identification number is: 91-0565026.