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Insights Support Group

Insights Support Groups

Healing, Education, and Peer Support
Our Insights Support Groups are weekly facilitated sessions designed for survivors of Intimate Partner Violence. These groups offer a safe space for healing, education, and building a positive support network. Participants will learn to identify different types of abuse, understand the impacts of intimate partner violence, and develop healthy relationships while embracing self-care and compassion.

Who Can Join?
Our Support Groups are available to all Shelter and Community Clients seeking support in their healing journey from Intimate Partner Violence. Whether you are just beginning to recognize your relationship as controlling or abusive, or you have been out of an abusive relationship for a long time, you are welcome to join at any stage of healing.

Confidential and Supportive Environment
All of our groups are strictly confidential, providing peace of mind and a secure environment for all participants. We believe that a positive and understanding community is crucial for the healing process.

Session Details
Insights Support Group is a 12-session psychoeducational course for newcomers, offered two nights a week:
Mondays: 5:30pm – 7:00pm In-Person
Doors close at 5:35pm, and no additional clients will be admitted after this time.
Children’s programming is available for children aged 4 months – 20 years old, held at the same time as the adult group.
Free Community Dinner for group members and their children from 5:00-5:30pm.
Each support group cycle will be a closed group cohort. Call now to get on our waitlist!

Children's Programming
Children’s programming is offered for all group members’ children aged 4 months – 21 years old, held concurrently with the adult groups. For Children’s Programming intake, please contact our Children’s Program Manager at or 253-272-4181 ext. 285.

Contact Us
For more information about our support groups or to schedule an intake, please call our Community Advocate at 253-272-4181 ext. 237.


Join YWCA Pierce County's Insights Support Groups, offering weekly facilitated sessions for survivors of intimate partner violence. Our groups provide a confidential space for healing, education, and peer support, with sessions focused on identifying abuse, understanding its impacts, and building healthy relationships. We also offer children's programming and free community dinners. For more information or to schedule an intake, call 253-272-4181 ext. 237.

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