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Donating Items

Our donation philosophy

Please click here to see our current list of needed donations.

We would be unable to meet the basic needs of all of our clients without help from community members like you. Your donations make a difference to all of our clients, year-round. We only accept new, unused. unexpired donations.

At the YWCA Pierce County, we only accept new, unused, unexpired donations. We do this because we firmly believe that the dignity that comes from being able to have new items when fleeing domestic violence brings healing and encouragement to our clients.


Everyday items that you may take for granted can help survivors begin to feel confident about beginning their path towards an independent life. Whether they are staying in our shelter or are a community member, receiving new items help to create a comfortable, beautiful environment where survivors can feel more independent and able to begin their path towards healing.


Travel size, used, expired, or opened toiletries

“New” donations in which items have been removed from the packaging (i.e. a box of tampons that has been opened and only a couple have been removed)

Used, expired or recalled baby items, including cribs, strollers, and car seats

Used items (including books, toiletries, etc)

Clothing (We partner with other organizations to provide clothing to our clients, since we do not have the space or staff to sort and store large quantities of clothing.)


Please do not take donations to our shelter. Due to security reasons, they cannot accept donations. Our administration offices are open for donations Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm, at 405 Broadway in Tacoma.


Contact us to determine if the items you’d like to donate are needed and can be accepted. If we’re unable to accept your donation, we will do our best to direct you to other organizations in need. Please note that agencies we refer you to may not be able to accept your items.

Schedule all donation drop-offs with our staff. You can drop off without calling ahead, but it is appreciated as it gives our staff time to be prepared to assist you in unloading your items.

Donate brand new, unopened, unexpired items.

Donate only full-size toiletry and household items.

Complete an in-kind donation form. It is required if you’d like a tax acknowledgment letter, and it helps us keep up with donations received. You can download the form here.


Donate your used cell phones to YWCA Pierce County--working or not. Some will become emergency phones for domestic violence survivors, and others will be recycled by the YWCA. For every phone we recycle, YWCA Pierce County will receive funding to support our programs and services.


If you have any questions please contact our Donor Management Coordinator at 253-272-4181 ext. 249 or

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